eBay Customer Service Number

eBay Customer Service Number

eBay: E-Commerce Site, Reset Password, Delete Account, Information

eBay is a multinational e-commerce organization located in San Jose, California. The eBay provides consumer-to-consumer (C to C) and business-to-consumer (B to C) facilities on its site. In 1995 Pierre Omidyar founded eBay. With eBay, one can buy any sort of items whether it is related to clothing, accessories and other products. Through eBay individual can sell the products and can purchase the products. Nowadays peoples prefer online shopping as individuals don't have enough time to buy the products offline. By doing the online shopping one can also take the benefits of offer and discount.

If while using the eBay you are facing the login, sign up, forgot password, technical, server, and other issues then just avail of the eBay Help by contacting at eBay Customer Service Phone Number. Our experts will provide you the high and best quality result and do try to meet the customer's needs and expectations.

How To Reset eBay Password?

For security objectives, the person should reset the password from time to time. If you have any sort of confusion while resetting the password then just follow the directions provided below. Get help by contacting eBay Number.

Steps To Reset eBay Password

  • At first, open the eBay Sign In page then on that page enter the email id and after that click the forgot password link.
  • On clicking the link, another page will get open on that again enter the email address and after that simply press the "Continue" button.
  • Thereafter another page will get open from there select an option for resetting the password, Via Email address, get a text or call the user can reset the eBay password.
  • Likewise, if you have selected the email address. On selecting the option one mail will be sent to your email id open that and from there click on the link mentioned in the mail.
  • On clicking the link change password page will get open and on that, you need to enter the New password and Confirm password.
  • After entering the password click on the Submit button. On clicking the submit button your account password will get change.

Note - Do create a strong password by using the 6 to 8 characters. In the password use alphabets, numbers, numeric characters, special characters, etc.

If while resetting the password you vare confronting any sort of hitches and glitches then don't take tension as by availing the eBay Customer Service individual can take guidance and can clear all doubts. To directly reach the professionals you can call at eBay Phone Number. We are available 24/7 to provide the best help.

How To Delete The eBay Account?

If you don't know How To Delete The eBay Account then just follow the steps given below. If you will delete an account for once then you will not able to recover the same. To get the guidance you can take to the assistance by availing the eBay Support.

Guidelines To Delete eBay Account

  • Firstly, open your eBay account.
  • Then from the eBay homepage click on the Help&Support link. The Help&Support option will be available on the top options bar.
  • On clicking the link options page will get open, on that page, there will the search box type in that enter the "delete account" text, on entering the text option related to same will display.
  • Select "delete an account" option.
  • Then tap "ask to close your account" link.
  • Then from the Close an eBay Account page select the category. After selecting the category select reason.
  • And then after that click the "Continue" tab. Contact eBay Help to fix the errors.
  • Thereafter another page will get open in that one question will be asked "Did this solve your problems?" answer the asked question by choosing the alternative and then tap the "Continue" option.
  • Then after that, another page will get open, on that page information will be mentioned re4ad that and then after that agree to it and then click on the close my account option.
  • On clicking the close my account tab your eBay account will get closed.

Issues Related To eBay

The users face different sorts of issues on eBay and to resolve these issues one needs to avail eBay Technical Support. Some issues can be resolved to restart the app and by establishing an accurate connection but few of them are really difficult to fix and for those only we need guidance and support. To avail of the support, the user needs to make a call at eBay Contact Number. From below check the issues list. The list mentioned below are general and are usually encountered by the eBay users.

  • eBay sign-in issue
  • Forgotten eBay password
  • Change eBay Password
  • eBay login issues
  • eBay not working
  • Server down problems
  • Refund Request is not initiating
  • Unable change email address on eBay
  • Want to return the product
  • How Can I add a category on eBay?
  • Unable to exchange the product
  • Help me in buying and selling the products on eBay
  • Unsuspicious activity
  • Want change phone number on eBay
  • Unable to create an account on eBay

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