How to Transfer Money From Netspend to Cash App - Get Easy Process

How to Transfer Money From Netspend to Cash App - Get Easy Process

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Want to send money from Netspend to cash app? Then, let’s first quickly have a brief description of what Netspend and the Cash app are. Netspend is a renowned company that offers debit cards, credit cards, and bill payment methods to its users so that they can manage and control their financial transactions and needs in a smart way. With the use of Netspend cards, users can withdraw money from ATMs and send money to bank accounts.

On the hand, the Square is a peer-to-peer payment service app on which users can make online payments from one account to another. People who use both Netspend cards and the Cash app, often ask whether they can transfer money from Netspend to the Cash app. If you want to send money from Netspend to the Cash app, you can do so using an indirect method. For this, you can use the third-party digital wallet “PayPal”. Just follow the simple procedure here - transfer money from Netspend < 3rd party “Paypal” < Bank Account < Cash App. Below we have provided the complete procedure of how you send money from Netspend to the Cash app.

How to Transfer Money from Netspend to Cash App

In order to transfer money from Netspend to the Cash app, see the detailed procedure below:-

  • Open PayPal and log into your PayPal account.
  • Now, you will have to find and tap on the “Add money online” option.
  • Then, users will be required to choose their linked Netspend account as the payment source.
  • Here, enter the amount of money you want to transfer and confirm.
  • Money first will be transferred to your Paypal account from Netspend within 1-3 business days.
  • After credit, you need to go to “my wallet” on PayPal
  • Tap “transfer to your bank”
  • Choose bank
  • Enter the amount of money.
  • Confirm to transfer.
  • After the money is transferred to your bank account, go to the “Banking” tap in your bank account.
  • Tap “Add cash”
  • Enter the PIN for verification.
  • Once the verification is done, money will be transferred to your Cash app from Netspend.

Does Cash App accept Netspend?

The Square Cash app is an amazing peer-to-peer money transferring application that accepts credit cards, debit cards, and Netspend cards. The Cash app work with Netspend so that you can fruitfully manage your finances. If you use both the Cash app and Netspend card, you may have a requirement to transfer money from Netspend to the Cash app. For this, you can use an indirect way or 3rd party digital wallet “PayPal”. First, you will have to send money from Netspend to Paypal, Paypal to your bank account, and from the bank account to the Cash app.

Does Netspend work with Cash App?

Using an indirect method, you can make both Netspend and the Cash app work together and you can also transfer funds between these two. Netspend offers credit and debit cards to users and the Cash app is a payment transferring application that gives digital waller to users to make online payments with ease. If you require to send money from Netsepend to the Cash app, you will have to use the third-party digital wallet app “Paypal”. Transfer funds from Netspend to Paypal, Paypal to your Bank account, and to the Cash app.

Is Netspend compatible with Cash App?

Yes, the Netspend is compatible with cash app, however a few things needs to be in mind while using the both together. Even both the apps can be used together in a sense, but it is clearly mentioned that prepaid cards of Netspend is restricted to be added with cash app. However, using PayPal with Netspend can be useful in adding cards without any issue.

Additionally, netspend has its own service ID called FlashPay that is used to transfer money among the two users. FlashPay ID can be considered as $Cashtag of cash app account. Both are used to send and receive the funds once given the ID to each other.

How Do I Link My Netspend Card to Cash App?

Currently, there is no possibility to link both Netspend card and Cash App. However, by opting alternative, this could be achieved. Now, the one application that is fully compatible with Netspend is PayPal. And, PayPal can become a medium to connect Netspend card to cash app.

So, it would be like: if you want to send money between netspend and cash app, first transfer the funds to PayPal and then further the money would move from PayPal to Netspend.

Cash App, as of now, restricts adding any prepaid cards on it; unless it is government-issued one.

Do I Need My Flash ID to Transfer Money to Cash App?

Yes, FlashPay ID is very much needed whenever you use Netspend to send and receive money with other payment applications. Flash ID is a service that is essentially required when you wish to transfer funds. Be it cash app or PayPal, there is a need of Flash ID to successfully complete the transaction.

Likewise, cash app asks $Cashtag or Email and contact details to and from the users to facilitate the transfer with easy ways.

A fee is also included to use netspend service apart from the basic ones.

Does Netspend have fees for money transfers?

Definitely, the Netspend asks fees to use their services. However, it is absolutely free from any charges when it comes to basic sending and receiving of funds to and from other netspend users or PayPal account.

Areas where netspend charges fee -

ATM withdrawal - $2.50

Cash reload - $3.95

Balance inquiry at ATM - $0.50, $0.50 for per call.

Similarly, you would find a few charges on cash app too. For instance, using credit card cash app, instant deposits and using card at ATMs are charged with a 3%, 1.5%, and $2 respectively.

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