PayPal Customer Service Number

PayPal Customer Service Number

Setup and Use PayPal Account In Hassel Free Manner

PayPal is the dependable installment application by means of which one can make, send and get cash on any edge of the world. Prior to making an account in any of the installment applications individuals deem that it will spare or not but we speak about wellbeing and security then this app is completely protected and secure and that is the reason its administrations are used by millions and billions of characters. For making an online ticket, lease, basic food item installment one can utilize PayPal as it likewise gives these amenities and provides different discounts and offers.

Need to find out about PayPal or need to determine the issue identified with it then simply don't hesitate to connect with us by benefiting the Paypal Customer Service Phone Number or by reaching at PayPal Number. Clients can contact us whenever they require as we are open 24/7 to give essential administrations and to determine the issues from the root. The online exchange has truly helped the people groups in the different states as now the people don't need to go bank over and over as they can play out all the action by means of online mode.

How To Setup a PayPal Account?

Setting Up the PayPal account is a little bit harder process because in setting up the payment app user needs to link a bank account and card. To set this payment app just follow the directions provided below. The setup of a PayPal account will help you creating, linking the bank account and card. If you are having any sort of doubt while creating an account or while making the transaction then feel free to avail of the PayPal Customer Service by just making a ring at PayPal Contact Number.

Open PayPal Official Website - Firstly open the search browser and then the box type PayPal Sign Up and after that hit the enter button.

Then from the search result page click on the PayPal Sign official link.

PayPal Landing Page - Thereafter PayPal homepage will get open from there simply click on the Sign-Up tab. For any guidance take PayPal Support.

PayPal Sign Up Page - After the PayPal Sign Up page will get open. In the sign-up user need to enter the Email address, create a password and confirm password. Once after entering the credentials like on the "Continue" tab.

Enter Detailed Information - On clicking the Continue tab another page will get open in that you need to enter the detailed information for creating the account. In the detailed information, page user needs to enter the legal first name, legal last name, street address, city, state. zip code, mobile number, etc. Once after entering the all details in a correct manner click the agreement box.

Add Card (Optional) - In the next steps, you need to add a card. In order to add the card, users have to provide cardholder name, last name, visa type, card number, expiration date, CVV. One can also skip this step if you don't want to add a card or want to link the account via a bank account only.

Enter bank information (optional) - On completion of the add card, another page will get open in that the user has to provide the bank details to link the bank account with PayPal. Associate with Paypal Help to fix the problems.

On the "Link your bank account in the US" page user has to enter the following details account type, Routing number, account number. One can also skip this strep if they don't want to add the bank account. By in order to transfer and receive the money via PayPal, it is compulsory to add the bank account. Users can also later link the bank account on PayPal.

Apply For Credit or Debit Card (optional) - Thereafter another page will get open from there you can apply for a credit card if wanted if you don't want then just skip that step to proceed further. For any instant help, support and guidance you can reach us by giving a call at Paypal Customer Service Number.

Account Activation and Verification - Click on the "yes" this my email option. Now you need to verify the account. In order to verify the Paypal account open you8r email id that you when entered while entering registration details. On opening the email you will find PayPal account activation mail open that and then after click on the "Activate My Account" option.

PayPal Related Issues

There are numerous issues that are encountered by users. Some payment app-related issues users can solve easily but few technical and other issues are harder to fix and those can only be resolved by the help of technicians. From below check the list of the PayPal related issues -

  • PayPal login issue
  • Sign Up problems
  • Accessing account issue
  • Forgot PayPal email address
  • Forgotten PayPal account password
  • Unable to link a bank account
  • Not able to make payment
  • PayPal server down issue
  • Refund not received
  • Unable to place a refund request
  • The App not working
  • App running slow
  • Unable to reset the password

If you are facing the technical issues related to server and other banned then just immediately avail of the Paypal Technical Support. Never ignore the technical issues as they can affect your details and account in a very bad manner. On availing the technical support services our professionals will check the issues and will try to fund out the problems and will help you by resolving the issues in a faster manner.

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