Some major issues that people face with yahoo account:

Some major issues that people face with yahoo account:

Admitn 09-Jan-2021

Yahoo has been a leading email service provider since 1994. We all need some sort of applications or devices to make our work easier. In this technologically advanced era, yahoo is giving us the accessibility to sending transfer information through emails. Customers choose yahoo mail service because of its simple interface and high-level security of data. Hackers will not be able to capture the information sent through yahoo mails. However, many times people forgot their password on their own. This sometimes also leads them to face a locked account error. but if you are an avid user of yahoo mail then you must now get rid of this issue. Here we are going to tell you some tiple that will surely help you in yahoo account recovery.

Before knowing the way to fix the error we must dig out its ins and outs. We must know about the main reason why a yahoo account generally gets blocked?

If you are seeing a locked account error then you might have tried to log in to your account with the wrong password. Furthermore, if you know the correct password and still get an error then your account might get hacked. Hacking is getting very common these days. Hence yahoo is providing extra attention to these types of issues and providing tips to secure the account. You can contact the yahoo customer support team to know the safety tips regarding hacking.

Apart from this, yahoo also keeps a strict look at all the emails sent through this platform. If they observe something suspicious then they immediately block them for a temporary period. In this scenario, the yahoo account will get unlocked after a time. But if you keep repeating these types of practices then your yahoo account might get locked permanently.

How can we reset the password of a locked yahoo account?

A locked account is a major issue for most users who use their accounts to send official emails. If you are observing the same issue or are unable to log in or access their account then we suggest you to reset the yahoo password. They can do this in numerous ways as per their comfort.

  • If they have their email address then they can reset the password using the password reset link. For this, they have to choose to enter their email address at the time of selecting the option to reset the password.
  • Instead of this, users can also enter their yahoo registered contact number. They will receive a unique code or PIN on the number. Customers have to enter the same number on the yahoo account recovery page. You will be forwarded to the password recovery page only if you enter the correct code.
  • Last but not the least, you can also choose to answer the security question to reset your yahoo password. Customers choose this method to reset the password when they do not have access to their email address or phone number.

However, if you can access your recovery email address then we suggest you choose the same for password recovery. People perhaps forgot the answer to their security question if they had created their account a long time ago. This can also lead them to problems. Their account might get permanently locked for giving a wrong answer to the security question. Hence, we request you to make the wisest decision and recover the account using the recovery email address or contact number.

Additionally, if you are observing any issue to recover your account with any method then yahoo customer support is always there to help you. You can immediately contact them for assistance.

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