Why is my ATT email not working on the iPhone?

Why is my ATT email not working on the iPhone?

Admitn 02-Feb-2021

We all use an email account to share information, documents and to connect with the people we know. Email is the best and the fastest way to transfer a large amount of data instantly to any person through the internet. There are so many companies that are well engrossed in providing email services to the customers. Gmail and Yahoo are some major brands of email service. Apart from this ATT, Orkut is several other email providers that are doing well in this field.

Email troubleshooting is a major issue for most users. Many of the ATT email users keep reporting that they are facing ATT email not working issues. So here we will discuss the main causes of this issue in the iPhone. Afterward, we will tell you some troubleshooting tips to fix this on the iPhone.

  • The main reason for not working at email is an unstable or poor internet connection. You can face slow loading, blank pages, unable to receive an email, and some other issues due to poor internet.
  • Using an incorrect password to log in to an account can also be a reason behind a not working ATT account. Many times, we ignore whether we are entering an upper letter or lower letter alphabet and end up entering the wrong password. So be careful while entering the email address and password while lignin the ATT account.
  • People think that the version of the browser or operating system doesn’t affect the performance of the applications and website. But we would like to tell you that updating a browser will solve most of the performance issues on a device.
  • Activated firewalls can stop you from receiving emails on ATT accounts. If you have not received any email for long then you should disable the firewall on your device. Several times, when a firewall detects any suspicious email it will block the same so that it cannot harm your device. If you deactivate the firewall, then you will receive such an email on your account.

How can I fix the ATT email not working on the iPhone?

Most of the ATT email not working issues are temporary and can be solved easily. Also, if you are an ATT user then you have experienced this issue once in your life. In case, your ATT email is not working then you can fix the issues by following the below steps.

  • Check for internet connectivity. If your internet pack is exhausted then connect the device to an active Wi-Fi router.
  • Always use the updated browser to access your ATT email on the computer. If you are using the ATT email application on mobile then update that as well from the Apple play store.
  • Different devices have different configuration settings. Check whether you have set up the correct setting on your iPhone. If not then you can take the help of ATT email service executives and ask them to send the correct settings on your device.
  • Moreover, several times users see an error code while sending an email through their ATT account. You can contact ATT customer support to know the exact meaning of these error codes.

Apart from the not working issue, people face many other issues with their email account. Sometimes they are unable to log in to their account while other times they see a blank page while checking for an email. All these issues are due to poor internet. That is why experts always advise against using a Wi-Fi connection while using ATT emails.


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