How To Delete Facebook Page?

How To Delete Facebook Page?

Admitn 11-Jan-2020

Facebook is a casual communication site that enables a client to share pictures, recordings, posts, and so on. It's an extraordinary method to stay associated with your companions. Facebook is the ideal stage to connect with their loved ones. On Facebook users can create your own Facebook page for your personal activities and task. But sometimes few personal other issues force the one to delete the Facebook page. If you want to permanently delete the page for some reason but you don't have any idea that How To Delete Facebook Page then just follow the guidelines providing below. Always remember that if for once you will permanently delete the page then you will be not able to recover it or any sort of data related to that page.

This blog the detailed steps related to Delete Facebook Page are mentioned. By following the steps in an appropriate manner one can delete the Fb page in a hassle-free manner.

Method To Erase You're Facebook Page

A Facebook client makes pages for organizations, brands, associations, to interface with them. By creating a Facebook page one can also earn money by generating traffic on it and by placing the google ads on the page. If you want to delete the page in a hassle-free and easy manner then just follow the directions described below.

  • Open the Facebook login page and log in to the account by providing the email address and password.
  • Then from the Facebook landing page click on the down arrow icon.
  • There select the mage page option.
  • Open the page which wants delete.
  • Then from the top page click on the gear icon.
  • On clicking the icon setting page will get open. Scroll down the page and click on the Remove page option.
  • Click the user name and then choose the Delete page option.
  • At last, Fb will question - “ are you ready to delete the Facebook page", if yes then Tap the “delete page” link.


The previously mentioned data will ensure to help Facebook client in erasing their Facebook page. Hope !!! the guidelines mentioned on this page is helpful for you if not then just simply drop the comment in the comment sectio0n box.

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