How To Change Cash App Account From Business To Personal And Vice-Versa?

How To Change Cash App Account From Business To Personal And Vice-Versa?

Admitn 18-May-2022

A Cash App account can be used as a personal and business account. Also, changing accounts from business to personal and vice-versa is possible with a few steps. Want to know How To Change Cash App Account From Business To Personal? Walk along with the post! In order to switch your account from personal to business and vice-versa, you need to navigate to the “Profile” option. Next, choose the personal tab and click on the “Change Account Type.”

Cash app, one of the most used payment applications, facilitates both personal and business accounts for its users. Particularly launched in 2015, Business Account was mainly launched for the small businessmen or merchants who have less flow of income.

Therefore, a business account can be a better choice for the small vendors having less volume of exchanging money.  

Along with it, to keep your personal as well as business account on the same device, you do not need to be worried because there is a switching option available in the app itself.

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Yes, you heard it right! You can change from personal to business and vice-versa with a single cash application. All you need are credentials for both the accounts registered with the cash app.

Let us explore more about the change of accounts being a single cash app.

How To Change Cash App From Personal to Business Account?

The shifting between accounts does not require any specialization. It is a simple and short process.

  • Primarily, tap on the cash app icon from your device to open it.
  • Move to the profile section displayed on the screen.
  • Then, click on the “Personal” tab.
  • Coming to the bottom of the screen, you will find “Change Account Type”. Click it.
  • At last, after you have selected the account, you need to confirm it by entering the PIN or Touch ID.

How to Set Up a Cash App Business Account?

Are you new to the cash app having no idea how the account is created? Well, do not fret as we will let you know in this blog.

A cash app account can be created in both your application and by visiting the official website of the cash app.

For that, you need to provide your contact number and email address. Then, you will get a confirmation code on your email address containing a code to log in to your account.

Once logged in, enter your personal details such as Full name, DOB, etc.

Also, the account once created for the first time, it will by default be set as a Personal account which the user can change to business and click to confirm.

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Or, you can further change it by visiting the profile and moving the personal tab, and then clicking on the “Change Account Type.”

Can you have both Cash App for Business & Personal?

Yes, absolutely! A user can have two different accounts such as business and personal having two different credentials; Email address and contact number.  For any cash app account, a unique email address and phone number are needed that has not been registered with the cash app so far.

Also, you can convert your account from personal to business on a permanent basis.

Let us have a look at creating a second account on the cash app with unique credentials.

  • Launch the app on the screen.
  • And, tap on the “sign up” option.
  • Now, enter the required basic details such as contact number, full name, DOB, and Email address.
  • Choose the account type – Personal or Business.
  • On creating a new account, you need to provide the email and contact details that are unique.

Benefits of Cash App for Business Account

Talking about the benefits, as mentioned earlier that business account is mainly created for small businesses to take care of their low volume of money. It is best to keep records of all the transactions too along with the time and date.

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Despite it, there are other benefits that which has been listed here.

Transfer limit

Those who use a personal accounts can experience higher transaction possibilities than a personal accounts using a business account. Also, it is free for receiving unlimited funds through a business account.

Fees implied

For using a business account on the cash app, you need to pay a 2.75% fee charge. While it is free for the personal account.

Identification of account

The cash app business account displays a unique building-like logo that makes users know that this account is a “Business Account.”

Summing Up!

This blog post is dedicated to answering “How To Change Cash App Account From Business To Personal?”

The cash app is flexible to be used for the changing of accounts with a few clicks. It does not need to reach out cash app support team for the process to be done.

Also, the business account can be created separately by providing the unique details for it or the personal account can be changed to a Business account.

Hope this post helped you understand how the business and personal accounts are maintained on the cash app.

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