How do I recover My ATT Net Email?

How do I recover My ATT Net Email?

Admitn 10-Feb-2021

If you are an ATT Email user and recently you have changed your ATT password for your ATT user ID if you are trying to login into your ATT email using the new password. If this trick is also not working and wants to reset my ATT email password from the below steps:

Users first need to go to the ATT mail

Then, they need to enter their mail id and click on the Forgot password

Complete the password info

Select the temporary password or security questions

If you select security questions then describe your answer as you can

In case, if a user selects a temporary password then the ATT team will let you know where they will send your password

Create your new secure password and re-enter your password

How to reset ATT email password from Security Questions

 If you remember all the security questions and can provide correct answers to these questions then go with these questions and answers. Otherwise, users can follow the next choice to reset their ATT email password with a temporary password.

Fo to the Sign in page and then select Forgot password option

Select your password and enter your email address with your last name

Click on the continue button

After that, select I will answer my security questions

Select the security question and then answer it well 

Click on the continue button, and follow all the instructions to generate your new password

Enter your new password

Steps to reset password with temporary password option

If a user doesn’t know the answer to the security question then can able to change their password with a temporary password option. Follow the listed below steps:

Go to the Forgot password page and select your password

Enter your valid email address with your last name

Click on the continue button

From the drop down menu, choose to send me a temporary password

Choose how you want to get a temporary password

Click on the continue button, and check your temporary password

Simply copy your temporary password and paste it into the field. Complete all the instructions to create a new password.

Steps to update reset my ATT email password through Phone

If you create a new password then you also need to change or update your password on your smartphone also. To do so, you need to change the email settings on your phone. We are here to help you, if you know your password and want to change it on your phone then follow the below steps:

Open the app on your mobile and go to the Myatt page

Choose the Forgot password option and complete the password info

Choose the temporary password or security questions and follow all the steps

Create your password

Method Two

Sign out from ATT email and exit from the application

Go to the sign in page

Enter your mail id and your recently changed password

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