How can I talk to eBay customer service to resolve technical issues?

How can I talk to eBay customer service to resolve technical issues?

Admitn 31-Aug-2021

Today, people like to save time and effort by choosing online shopping portals. Many eCommerce websites offer a platform to the people from which they can make online shopping of their choice. One such eCommerce website is eBay that is operational in more than 30 countries. This multinational American e-commerce company lets you do secure online shopping. On eBay, there are numerous categories of products that have aided in garnering millions of active users. In case of any sort of technical issues, people always ask how can I talk to eBay customer service. Well, there’s a support service number that will connect you to the technical team.

Here are some common technical glitches along with their solutions that your should know-

sign in and sign out eBay account

Sometimes, users face problems in creating a new account and accessing it. Whether you want to buy or sell on eBay, you need to have an eBay account. For signing in the account, you are needed to follow these instructions:

How to sign in

  • First of all, you just have to go to
  • This will redirect you to the Sign-in page of eBay.
  • In this step, you’re needed to mention the username and email address of your eBay account.
  • At last, just enter your eBay password and then choose Sign in option to access the account.

How to sign out

  • For this, make sure to click on your name in the eBay account
  • You’ll see an option of ‘sign out’ from the top left corner of the eBay pages
  • Just click on it to log out of the eBay account.

Change the eBay account password

There are times when the password and account get hacked. If you want to prevent this kind of situation then all that you need to do is to keep changing the account password at regular intervals of time.

To seek eBay password related assistance, users can directly contact the eBay experts via the eBay customer service phone number. You can also go through these steps for password change instructions:

  • First of all, you just have to type the eBay email address and then go for the Continue option.
  • After this, you are asked to verify yourself for security reasons. You can do this verification either through text or email.
  • You will get an email within five minutes for email verification. Just tap the ‘Confirm’ button that you will see in the mail
  • If you choose text verification then a text with a PIN will be sent to your mobile number. You have to enter the PIN and then choose the Continue option
  • In this step, you’ll be asked to mention your new password. Once you enter the new password, make sure to choose the option of ‘Continue’.
  • At last, you are required to click on the ‘Change your password option.

How can I talk to eBay customer service? If you’re stuck with some sort of technical issues then all that you need to do is to speak to the professionals of the eBay support team. Just make a call to them for their instant help.

Can I speak to someone at eBay?

There are different ways to connect with a technical team of eBay for seeking technical assistance. One of them is dialing the eBay contact number to speak directly to the technical team. Apart from this, there’s also an option of live chat through which you can connect with the technical team.

Can you speak to eBay on the phone?

Yes, you can directly speak eBay support team on phone through the eBay support service number. In case of a technical glitch, you just have to tap on the ‘Click Help & Contact’ that is present at the top of most pages of eBay.

How do I talk to a live person at eBay?

Through the chat option, users of eBay can seek help for solving their technical issues. Also, you can talk to the eBay team for assistance on all sorts of complicated technical issues related to the eBay account.

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