What is the process of Google account recovery?

What is the process of Google account recovery?

Admitn 05-Feb-2021

Google’s products and services are of great application because of which billions of people are using them every day. Some of the incredible features of Google are Gmail account, Google Drive, Hangout, YouTube, Google Maps, and many more. All these are feature-packed which makes them suitable for both personal and professional use. Regardless of these benefits and features, there are chances of getting stuck with the issues of password hacking and account recovery. In the doubtful situation of google account recovery, one needs to reach the technical executives of the Google customer support service. The support teams resolve all your Google problems promptly without any fail. Whenever you are stranded with recovery related problems, you just have to contact professionals.

How can I recover my Google account without a password?

If your Google account is compromised or you have lost its access then you only have an option of account recovery. You can do this using your email or phone number if you don’t have your password with you. After hacking hackers change the password. In that case, you can follow these quick instructions for google recovery.

To start with the account recovery, you are needed to go to the account recovery page. From there, you can choose the option of the process to complete the process. In any step, if you feel like contacting the technical support team then you can directly dial the helpline number. Experts are available around the clock to provide you instant help.

Using a Secondary Email

If you have a secondary email registered with your Google account then you’ll get a verification code to that email. You can choose the 'Send' option will be prompt you to enter the code that you have received. You will not get the option of this if you don’t have any registered secondary email to the account. If you don’t have an email then you need to click on 'Try Another Way.' So, you can choose the option of email address in case you have lost your password.

Using a Phone Number

Another way to recover the account is using your phone number. On your registered phone, you’ll get the verification code. This confirms that you are the owner of your Google account. So, you just need to enter your phone number and then select the 'Next' option. So, if you don’t have the passwords then try using the phone number to get access.

How can I recover my google account?

There are different ways to recover my google account that users can follow to fix this technical issue. All that you need to do is to go through these instructions:

  • At first, users of Google need to go to the ‘Google Account Recovery’ page.
  • Now the next step is to enter the ‘email address’
  • Then, click Continue.
  • If you don’t remember the last password of the account then ‘I don't know the password’.
  • Follow the instructions and then click ‘Verify’ for the identity verification

How do I get my Google account back?

When the user loses its password then it becomes difficult to access the account Google. The best way to overcome these technical issues is to reset the password or creating a new one by going through some quick instructions.

In case of any technical woes of Google account, you need to just dial the helpline number to ask your queries with them. No matter what time it is, just the number for google account recovery. So, feel free to ask your queries related to the Google account to the expert’s team.

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