How To Disable Cash App Card? How Do I Lock My Cash App Card?

How To Disable Cash App Card? How Do I Lock My Cash App Card?

Admitn 21-Apr-2022

Are you looking for ways to stop your cash card service? Well, if so, you don’t need to buzz around because you will find a full guide on How To Disable Cash App Card? here.

A cash card is a debit card that is issued by a cash app to its verified users. The card is used in several places such as departmental stores, for online purchases, and in ATMs to cash off. It is far more useful than it seems and therefore among more than 30 million users, almost 7 million possess the cash card.

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But, sometimes, a user faces an issue that needs an action to stop the card services immediately. What is it? We will explain here!

Your Cash Card is a portable card that facilitates transactions when it remains in your possession. So, every time when you carry it with you, there is a higher risk of losing it, if not kept safely. If unfortunately, your card gets missing, what is the first step that you should be taking? Well, the first and foremost step is to put a stop to your card functioning and it could be attained via the cash app.

Cash App gives a feature of saving your cash app balance by putting a pause or disabling cash card. By doing so, your card becomes null and no transaction can happen with it.

However, we recommend reporting your cash card when it is lost or theft. By doing so, you will be able to re-order your cash card.

Let’s jump onto the step guide to enable ‘Disable Cash Card Feature.’

How to disable Cash app card feature?

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Launch the app and sign in to your account.
  • Select the ‘Card’ image.
  • After choosing the ‘Card’ option, you will see a ‘toggle’ button.
  • Clicking on it will make disable or enable cash cards. Push it to disable the side in your case.

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By doing so, your card services will be stopped until you make it enable from your side. Also, you can report your card to permanently disable your previous card and order a new one.

Why should a user disable their Cash app payment method?

A user should choose to disable the cash card option if they have come across any kind of compromisation with the cash card. Disabling a card means the services are put on hold temporarily. You can anytime make it enable by following the same steps.

The other situations that need action of disabling cash cards are listed below:

Card is stolen/Damaged:

A cash card is a portable object that has more chances of losing it anywhere or maybe it could be damaged. Whatever occurs between the two, you can simply stop the unnecessary use of it by disabling it from the cash app.

Card has Expired:

If you are one of among users who have been using a cash card for a long time, then there are chances of your card being expired. If this happens, you better need to disable it as it will surely be blocked after some time.

Found Fraud or Scam:

The other case when you should disable your card is when you have experienced unusual activities with your cash card. It might be a deduction of set charges, or anything similar, you must disable your card and reach out to the customer support of the cash app.

At Deleting Account:

 When you have decided to delete your cash app account permanently, you should make your card disable as it might be used illegally.

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Disabling cash cards is an advanced security feature of the cash app which makes sure that you do not lose money if anything wrong has taken place with your cash card.

Remember, your cash card is linked with your cash app account and that means all the funds that are in your cash app account can be reached with a cash app card. Therefore, your cash card protection is fundamentally important.

If you come across above-stated issues, your first action towards saving your account should be disabling your cash card.

By doing so, chances of money loss decrease and then immediately move to the Cash App representative for help.

Additionally, you should never share your personal credentials with anyone such as Card PIN, Cash App password or PIN, etc.


This blog has emerged with ideas that could be life-saving for you. Your cash app account is a secure payment application that needs extra attention to maintain its security. The cash card is a handy card that might be stolen or theft. In such a case, you have the option to disable it from your cash app. And, if you wish to know How To Disable Cash App Card? Go through the complete post.

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Be one step ahead always before anything miserable occurs. Hope this would give you an important lesson regarding saving your Cash app account. You can always ask your doubts by putting them in the comment section.

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